Meal Digital Voucher

Meal Digital Voucher

Your Partner in Bringing More Customers!

The Meal Digital Voucher is a voucher specifically made for food establishments and restaurants



Sodexo brings more customers to you with these additional benefits:

  • Incremental Business

    Most of the voucher holders have a good professional background, equipping them with purchasing power. Therefore, merchants will not only enjoy the benefit of voucher turnover, but also from extra cash spending brought by Sodexo Digital Meal voucher holder.

  • Brand Exposure At Zero Cost

    Regardless of any amount of voucher transaction at the merchant outlet, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards will be proactive in communicating brand of its merchants through a variety of promotional materials, such as a merchant directory, website, flyers, print advertisements, banners, etc.

  • Marketing Fee Based on Business Volume

    Sodexo Benefits and Rewards is applying commission only based on business volume brought to the merchant. There is no up-front budget need to be invested by the merchant in order to join the partnership.

  • Guaranteed Reimbursement

    Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Kenya strongly enforces low delay payment as its internal policy especially when dealing with voucher payment.

Payment process

1. If you provide me with PoS, will I have to pay for it? How many will you provide for my restaurant?

No need to have a POS, featured phone is enough.

2. How will you set up the PoS if I do not have any software/computer to manage my cash register?

No need to have a POS, featured phone is enough.

3. Will you provide the restaurant with prepaid airtime/data to be able to access the mobile application?

No, this is part of the restaurant cost, as well as you pay banks for PDQ’s and Safaricom for lipa na Mpesa.

4. If mobile phones are out of battery, is there a way to process the transaction from a computer?

Yes, if you have a POS connected to a cashier with proper API (to be decided once your settings will be put in place, or during the life of the contract).

5. How long will it take between the input of the customer PIN and the reception of the confirmation by SMS?

Very little time, 2 or 3 sec, this is instantaneous & immediate.

6. What happens in the event that the Sodexo payments do not go through due to whatever reason?

Just like any other mode of payment, if you are not able to settle the bill with one mode, you ought to pay with another. Example, if you are paying via Mpesa and you do not have sufficient money, you can top up with cash.

7. In my restaurant, waiters are taking care of the billings and they do not have smart phones. So, who will provide them with smart phones?

First of all, no need to have a smart phone. Featured phone is enough. If your restaurant does not have one, or you do not want your waiters to use their own, we can provide you with a feature phone to help in the transaction process.

Refund process.

1.How long will it take to get the collected meal vouchers converted to cash?

As a standard service, we will do it every two week, the same day (for eg on Thursday). May you need it on a weekly basis, this is possible but with an extra (small) fee.

2. How often will I be receiving payments from Sodexo? Will it be possible to get paid directly through Mpesa?

As a standard service, we will do it every two week, the same day (for eg on Thursday). May you need it on a weekly basis, this is possible but with an extra (small) fee. Yes, it is possible to be paid by mpesa, up to 70000KSH per transaction : you will need to specify it at the contract signature (payment means).

3. Is the application secure? Prove me how secure is it?

Security is managed by Sodexo, you will only receive payment by Sodexo. The transaction is initiated by the merchant, who will receive a confirmation message. Then Sodexo proceeds to the payment. You can follow every transaction on your web portal, in real time.


1. Can I notify a competitor to you and make sure that it will not be part of the program?

It will be complex since the list of restaurants is firstly proposed by the client for their employees. This is their preferred list. However we will not affiliate all the similar restaurants in an area, to bring to the network, some more traffic and some more value.

2.Will my restaurant be advertised on your website next to my close competitors?

On the website, available for each consumer, there will be the list of all the restaurants per area. In a second time, the list could be dynamic and with special push upfront. It will be however easy to get differentiated by special campaign with the web portal.

3. I would prefer to wait to check if your program works well. So, what are the incentives for me to join the program now?

In such program, it is better to be first to the market, since consumer will start to associate the voucher with your outlets & hence incremental traffic. So, no special incentive to be the first, except the fact you will be the first.

4.Will my restaurant be ranked on your website? If so, will it be by the clients or by your own team? Can I impact positively my ranking?

The possibility of ranking could be done in a second time. The main reason being that the universal solution is on USSD, and geolocalisation service cannot be accessible neither interaction like ranking. At launch time, we do not want to have any discrimination for the consumers. It will nevertheless evolve.

5.Can you tell me which other restaurants are or will be part of the program?

Yes, we intended to build a wide network of restaurants, However we will affiliate only a few for the same specialty in the same district, since we also need to create value for those in the network.

Sales and marketing.

1.What kind of visibility will you offer to my restaurant? If it is on Sodexo’s website, how do you plan to attract traffic on your website (nobody knows Sodexo in Kenya)?

It will be Sodexo responsibility to educate the masses on this new service. Also remember that we are in a B2B sector, meaning our clients will be our prescriptors and by extension be our marketers. We will update the list of acceptance points to all companies that contract with us and as such all employees will know where to go.

2. Can the customers pay ‘take-away’ meals with Meal Vouchers? Can they also pay for packed-food or drinks, i.e. can they buy some soda bottles or some biscuits?

Yes, consumers can pay for take away meals and even deliveries. One advantage of meal voucher is the freedom of choice for the consumer. They cannot buy alcohol, this is the only reserve.

3. Can I prevent customers paying with Meal Vouchers to benefit from some menus or some special offer? i.e. to restrict orders paid with meal vouchers to ‘a la carte’ orders

We would advise not to do so : if the restaurant is part of the network, this is for everything it could propose. This is a payment means as well as a benefit for an employee. No discrimination should apply, this is not a discounting system.

4.How can I know if your advertising campaign will be in line with my restaurant marketing and price positioning?

The published & updated lists will have no differentiation indeed, as well as the launch event : this will enable Nairobi to be aware of the meal voucher as a new way of enjoying lunch time.


1. What happens if the customers buy some alcohol with the Meal Vouchers? How do I check not to sell alcohol paid with Meal Vouchers?

It will be included in the general terms of the affiliation contract (“Only accept Meal Vouchers to provide food, meals, soft drinks to the exclusion of all other products available on its site”) : this is the restaurant responsibility to refuse to sell alcohol with meal voucher as payment means. If they order alcohol, they need to pay it with another payment means, as top up.

2. Is there a price limit that can be paid with Meal Voucher?

This depends with the different clients policies. But in theory, A user can use a maximum of ksh. 10000 a day. This amount can only be used within 5 transactions a day.

3. What do you give me in exchange of the fee that I have to pay you on the meal vouchers collected?

You will be part of the network, a new-in-Kenya, and have an increased traffic.

4. Can I accept Meal Vouchers any day and at any time of the day?

Yes you can, this is the freedom given to consumer.

5. What are the taxes applied on the meal vouchers? If the VAT is applicable on meal vouchers, how will it be collected?

Meal voucher is just a payment means. All the taxes still apply, like VAT & catering levy. Once Sodexo reimburses the merchant, the merchant will still be eligible for taxing, as usual.

6.How can I check the actual account balance of a customer? If a customer tells me he has credit on his account but the bill is refused by the system, how can we check if the client is right or not?

You cannot check the amount of the customer. The system will do it for you once the customer will have entered his PIN number. If the transaction is accepted (you will receive immediately the confirm message), the transaction will be put on your web portal and you will be reimbursed by Sodexo. A dedicated support center will be put in place, may you have any issue. If there is not enough money on the customer e-account, the payment will be rejected in real time and you will get a message accordingly. In any case, consumer can check his/her balance via USSD or mobile application.


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