Gift Digital Voucher

Gift Digital Voucher

Sodexo Gift Digital voucher offering freedom of choices for your gift preferences

When using Sodexo Gift Digital voucher you will pleasurely enjoy what you love from food and beverages, entertainment, shopping, with friends and colleagues.


You can choose the styles, prices and the quality of any products or services you like. Sodexo Digital Gift Voucher is accepted in various merchant outlets including supermarkets, shopping centers, bookstores, fashion shops, restaurants, etc.
Sodexo Digital Gift Voucher is valid for more than 1 year, so you can enjoy the products and services anytime at your convenience.

1. What if the beneficiaries do not prefer the restaurants that are in the Sodexo network?

It is Sodexo’s duty to have a wide variety of restaurants in its network. This will in turn enable the consumer to have a wide variety to choose from. But in special cases, the employer may restrict his employees to a limited number of restaurants by having a customized network.

2. Can the amount topped up by Sodexo be withdrawn in cash form?

No, what is topped up to the individual wallet is a voucher equivalent to the respective amount which can only be redeemed at any of the outlets in the network.

3.What happens when one forgets their account number or pin?

They should call our customer care for a reset of their accounts.

4. What happens when the consumer uses an amount which is more than what they have on their wallet or more than the daily limit?

The consumer can settle his/her remaining balance with the other accepted modes of payment (Mpesa, cash or Card).

5. Can the consumer transact without activating their account?

No, Consumers must first activate their accounts.

6. How will consumers know where to go and transact?

Restaurants where the Sodexo meal voucher is acceptable will have great visibility since we shall put up stickers. This will show the consumer that the voucher is redeemable.

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