Gift Digital Voucher

Gift Digital Voucher

The Sodexo Gift Voucher is the best tool for motivating your employees and customers with access to various types of merchants.

The Sodexo Gift Digital Voucher, an innovative solution for Employee gifting programs (Festival & Special days, Company anniversary, etc), Incentives & Recognition Programs (Performance incentive,etc) and Corporate Gifting Programs: (Channel Promotion, Product Promotion, etc)

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee

    The ideal gift is one that everyone can choose according to their personal taste. Therefore, Sodexo Digital Gift Voucher guarantees 100% accuracy in choosing the gift, ensuring the satisfaction of employees or business partners in any occasion

  2. Team Motivation

    Recognize and increase staff motivation and retain talent. According to surveys, 69% of employees claim that the benefits and incentives, they receive are the reasons they stay loyal to the company *

  3. Convenience

    Sodexo Digital Gift Vouchers come in an exclusive envelope and with a merchant directory to guide recipients to use their vouchers

  4. Increased Profitability

    The work environment and well-being of employees are directly related to the growth of the company, because healthy employees produce more and better prepared. Using solutions like Sodexo Digital Gift Voucher, makes the team feel important, increasing engagement and improving outcomes.

1. What happens if an order is disbursed but it is not used by the beneficiary at all?

The order expires on the 30th of June of the subsequent year (for example, if a voucher is disbursed on 20th January 2017, it is valid until 30th of June 2018).

2. What if after disbursement, a beneficiary does not receive an SMS to notify them?

He/She, In such a case you should contact our customer care services as this is most probably a wrong entry of the phone number. Our support team will reverse the message to the intended phone and you will receive an sms.

3. After how long does disbursement of the money happen after payment?

Disbursement happens within every thirty minutes of the payments as our system can be able to see when our client has made a payment after placing and authorizing an order.

4. Can I lock employees to use only specific outlets?

Yes, you can. Our system can customize your network to outlets of your choice thus restricting your employees to only outlets in the network. The client will just need to contact our commercial service for this to be implemented.

5. Can I incorporate my canteen into the Sodexo system?

Yes, the Sodexo system can be able to accommodate the canteen option which will confine the beneficiaries to only the canteen.

6.How can I make payments to Sodexo?

Payments can be made through cheque and cash deposits or wire transfer to the Sodexo bank account.

7. What happens if I want to block a beneficiary's account due to internal reasons?

Account blocking can be done from our end. What can’t be done is a refund of the amount disbursed as it is a benefit to the employee and they have already received it. Not unless there is proof of fraudulent use or misuse of the account.

8. What is the minimum number of employees required to join Sodexo?

There is no minimum number of employees required. One can join with even one employee.

9. How much do I need to allocate to each employee?

Amount allocated to each employee is at the discretion of the employer.



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