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M-Kula: For a new way of
managing employee benefits

M-Tuza: For a new way of
rewarding employees

More than 9,000 companies worldwide are using Sodexo

M-Kula Benefits

Increased Productivity

In the afternoon, the average employee productivity is 25% less than in the morning. M-KULA gives employees the energy to stay focused and motivated, which will increase their daily output and well being. Healthier employees are also less likely to have sick leaves.

Healthier Workforce

M-KULA users have an additional purchasing power by receiving tax free meal e-vouchers. They will also be part of a privileged network where they can have special discounts, ongoing promotions or free food.

Innovative & safe technology

Based on Kenyan technology, M-KULA provides easy usage, fast transactions, and secure payment systems which enables employees to have the a quick and secure purchasing experience

No reconciliations with caterers

M-KULA eliminates disputes that arise between the caterer and employee or employer on what was consumed, removing the ill feeling that comes up in these situations, and saves your team’s time that would be spent in resolving the discrepancies.

Happier employees

M-KULA helps employees to have healthier meal options outside of office in order to increase their motivation and efficiency. By getting more productive they will achieve their short term bonus goals and long term career goals.

Budget Friendly

M-KULA solution is tax exempted up to Ksh. 48,000 per employee per year. The cost is also an allowable expense against the employers’ tax liability. Employees can set a daily limit for your e-voucher making it a simple budgeting tool to ensure that they eat throughout the month. Moreover, there is no upfront budget to join the partnership.

Sodexo in numbers

Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, headquartered in Paris, France Sodexo develops, manages and delivers the most complete and innovative employee benefits solutions for all its clients worldwide..

80 countries

425 thousand

75 million

world leader in
employee benefits

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What is M-Kula?

In 2014, Section 5 of the Income Tax was amended to state that “food in kind provided to employees is tax-free up to KES 48,000 per annum or KES 4000 per month”. This provides a unique opportunity for organisations to a NEW TAX FREE incentive to their staff thereby increasing employee engagement and motivation. This will in turn improve their bottom lines enabling the staff to SAVE UP TO KES 14,400 per annum..

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Save up to KES 14,400 p.a.

with M-KULA

The best solution for employee meal allowances